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SecureSearch Faith is the premier faith-based background screening service in the industry.

As a leading provider of faith-based volunteer background checks, we are used by thousands of clients nationwide. Churches use our services to ensure they know who they are recruiting – every time.

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Time & Money

Save time and money while reducing your risks.

Background Checks

Does your church need to check the backgrounds of volunteers?

The Best Team

Select the right team members for your ministry.

Paperless Forms

Obtain a true signature and track all applicants from one easy to use online portal.


Safeguard your ministry and prevent the possibility of abuse.

Ton of Features

Build a custom background check package that meets your needs.

Leading the Industry in Background Checks.

Security Compliance

All of our business practices are FCRA compliant and our technology platform is HR-XML CONSORTIUM CERTIFIED.

No Membership or Recurring Fees

Our web-based, user-friendly service enables you to easily order background checks and other screening services online, view reports in progress, receive flagged “hit” notifications, and securely retrieve and be notified of completed profile reports.

Paperless Automation

We offer a paperless, automated option for obtaining a signed consent and ordering background screenings.

Software firms with specialties in databases that manage people, employees, volunteers and applicants can benefit by simply integrating our services to expand the value of their products.

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Why Perform Background Checks?


A convicted sex offender tries to get a job at a youth non-profit.


Registered sex offenders in the US.


People who want to volunteer at your church.

Get started today with your background checks.

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