SecureSearch Faith has been providing volunteer screening services since early 2006. As the top company for volunteer and church background checks, we are used by churches everywhere because we are easy to use, affordable and give you the data you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you are hiring an employee, a contractor or bringing on a volunteer, it’s important to feel secure about the people you are working with for the first time.

You need and deserve unparalleled data, coupled with outstanding customer service, quick turn-around time and an easy to use interface for background screening programs.

And of course, we are not only offering protection for non-profit and church groups, but also for your workforce, volunteers, your customers and most importantly, children and vulnerable adults who rely on you to provide a safe and secure environment for all. Diligence is the key to safety and we are here to help!

SecureSearch Faith is well known for being a national resource and industry leader for non-profit organizations working with children and vulnerable adults. For us, it’s much more than a job, it is a driving force within our culture to help protect those who cannot protect themselves. If you are new to background screening and want to experience the best in the industry, call us today.

Important Background Screening Statistics:

  • One in 31 adults in America are in prison or jail, or on probation or parole. Twenty-five years ago, the rate was 1 in 77.

  • Overall, two-thirds of offenders are in the community, not behind bars. 1 in 45 adults is on probation or parole and 1 in 100 is in prison or jail. The proportion of offenders behind bars versus in the community has changed very little over the past 25 years, despite the addition of 1.1 million prison beds.

  • Georgia, where 1 in 13 adults is behind bars or under community supervision, leads the top five states that also include Idaho, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio and the District of Columbia.

Source: The Pew Center on the States

Have you looked into other background check companies? At first glance, many of them look the same, but the best providers have clear differences. As one of the highest rated firms, we can tell you what the difference is: It’s the people and philosophy behind the company. We are passionate about protecting people. And we care about children and vulnerable adults. In addition, the training and experience that our employees have is the best in the background screening industry. We also guarantee your total satisfaction.

SecureSearch Faith offers full pre-employment screening for staff and volunteers and currently works with thousands of churches, camps, para-church organizations and other child and youth related for-profit and non-profit organizations. SecureSearch Faith is now aligned and integrated directly with ACS Church Management Software, Fellowship Technologies, Shelby Systems, Parish Data, Elexio, Taleo, Peoplesoft and many others as a way of making the process simpler for the client.

SearchMyBackground is the newest product/software release form SecureSearch Faith allowing a paperless and automated consent form process that captures a true “wet” signature from your applicant.