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As the top company for volunteer and church background checks, we are used by churches everywhere because we are easy to use, affordable and give you the data you need to make an informed decision.

SecureSearch Faith is the premier background screening provider for faith-based background checks.  With clients of all sizes in all 50 states, SecureSearch Faith knows how churches work.  We can give you the peace of mind you need when placing volunteers and employees, leaving you time you need to do what you do best; run your church!

Why do background checks?

A church that serves children and youth has an obligation to perform “due diligence” with regards to protecting its members, especially its children. By performing background checks on volunteers your church is…

  • Putting up a safeguard at the “doorway” of the organization that will, in most cases, scare off sexual predators.
  • Offering peace of mind to discerning parents when choosing a church, by knowing your church is being pro-active in trying to protect the children.

Ministry Teams

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your hiring process is skipping the background and reference checks on your potential hire. A reference check is your opportunity to protect your church and learn how to best lead your potential hire from people who have done so in the past. Get started with Secure Search Faith today.

Pastoral Staff

Finding a great pastor is more than just reviewing resumes of course. As you begin to research new pastors for your team, keep an eye out for alignment in theology, experience, geography, and church size. You need to perform background checks of everyone pastor you are looking to hire and that's where Secure Search Faith can help.

Volunteer Teams

It doesn’t take long in church leadership to realize that you need your volunteers. Just looking at your to-do list, the time you need to complete it, and the manpower required to make a church run smoothly can feel daunting. There are a few things that church leaders need to be aware of when approaching the challenge of bringing new volunteers on board and Secure Search Faith can walk you through those steps.

What We Do

SecureSearch Faith  offers full pre-employment screening for staff and volunteers and currently works with thousands of churches, camps, para-church organizations and other child and youth-related for-profit and non-profit organizations. SecureSearch Faith  is now aligned and integrated directly with Fellowship One Technologies, Shelby Systems, Parish Data, Elexio, Ministry Platform, Church Community Builder, Icon and many others as a way of making the process simpler for the client.

Build your dream ministry team today.

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