Criminal Records

Performing thorough criminal records searches will show you any and all infractions and convictions your applicant may have. These services allow companies to identify any potential undesirable applicants with past criminal behavior. and avoid unnecessary risk in the workplace. This information can highlight acts of irresponsibility, violence, fraud and, or deviance and give companies insight into a candidates character.

County Criminal Records Search

This service is a name check for any criminal history (Felony and misdemeanors where available), at the county level. Based on the current address or zip codes that an applicant provides and in conjunction with the addresses found from the address history trace, counties to be searched are established. These search requests are fulfilled either through an extensive national network of researchers or by utilizing direct access to county court records. The standard county criminal search period is 7 years. Mandatory court fees are charged separately.

National Sex Offender Registries Search & OFAC

National database search of all 50 states sexual offender and violent offender lists (SOR). This service includes an Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) search.

7 Year Residence Criminal Search

This criminal search package automatically selects the counties and/or federal districts to be searched based on the ssn based address history trace. A typical applicant will have 2-3 residence addresses in a 7-year scope. Mandatory court fees are charged separately.

Statewide Criminal Records Search

This service is a name check for any criminal history at the state level repositories. Not all states are available, and the completeness of the records varies per state repository. Mandatory court fees are charged separately.

National Database Re-Verification

Active Screening re-verifies any derogatory information found on the national database search, according to FCRA section 613, to assure you that you have received the correct information about a candidate; at no additional cost to you.

National Criminal Database Search

This service includes an FCRA Compliance Verification for positive matches, using a name & date of birth search of a national criminal database. This national database search is a comprehensive database providing access to the largest source of criminal data available, including millions of offense records and FBI Most Wanted/Terrorist Watch Lists search. The national search is a valuable information resource that may discover convictions in counties not identified in a Social Security Trace or Credit History Report.

Federal Criminal Records

This search is a name check for any criminal history at the Federal District repositories (federal crimes).