Identity & Credit Solutions

SecureSearch Faith provides complete identity and credit screening services. These services are designed to confirm your candidate’s identity and their right to work status in the US, to give you the peace of mind you deserve. These services will also confirm residential history as well as names used.

Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

The SSN trace will provide you with residential history, as well as verifying the SSN provided corresponds with the applicant’s name and birth date. A SSN Trace is also a key element in criminal history research being used to determine court jurisdictions that should be searched for criminal records. It also uncovers any aliases associated with that specific SSN.

Homeland Security Check

A Homeland Security Check checks an applicant in over one hundred International databases which include the names of individuals, organizations and companies Identified by the Department of Homeland Security to be a potential threat to national and/or global security.

Credit History

Credit history can offer extra insight into an applicant or tenants history. Reports will show both positive and negative credit information, and bankruptcies, as well as credit and address history.

Tenant Credit Report

Tenant reports will include all of the information from the Pre-Employment reports, plus it will show that magical FICO score along with the reasons or factors that determined that score. Tenant reports will show the account/credit card number on Revolving trades/Credit card accounts when listing all the information on an account. Employment reports omit the account/credit card number but list all other items, including the name of the account/trade. Tenant reports are what is called a Hard inquiry, which means it impacts/hits your credit/FICO score. Employment reports are considered Soft inquiries, and do not impact/hit your score.

Pre-Employment Credit Report

Pre-Employment credit reports will provide you with information about the candidate’s name/alias names, DOB and usually the last 3 addresses on file. Reports will provide you with a summary/overview status of all their accounts, display any items deemed a Public record. Public Records are things like Bankruptcies and Evictions. Reports will provide you with all account/trade names and the status of the account/trades. This includes the current status of the accounts. Reports will show how on time or late the payments are on the account,  how many days they are behind, the high limits, and current balances. Reports will show you a history of inquiries on the candidate’s credit file and any history of reported employment/employer(s) on the candidate’s credit file.

I-9 Services

Electronic I-9 Services will verify the legal “right to work” status via seamless integration to the Dept. of Homeland Security and the U.S. Citizen’s and Immigration Service (USCIS). I-9 forms and other documentation will be stored online and provide instant access to work status directly through integration to the E-Verify system.